Center for Spiritual Awareness

Healing Intensives


Through the Center for Spiritual Awareness, our Healers channel the Spiritual energies to facilitate healing for the individual.


This begins with the physical body, but is not limited to the physical body. The energies also manifest healing for the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is an all encompassing deep treatment for the individual.


The healing is channeled by a team of certified healers who work with spirit guides and also have an extensive background in energy work. This comes together to manifest a high intensity healing experience for the individual.


Each treatment is unique to the needs of the individual. The team closes with prayers and thanks.

NYS Commissioned Healers


Rev. Denise D. Knott

Rev. Alice Chlumecky

Linda Wart, Justine Fenu, Gregory Morse


For information and appointments contact:

Rev. Alice Chlumecky at 315-405-1610

or Rev. Denise Knott at 315 298 3734 

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